Glad to see you there! I'm Maël Kervella a.k.a MoaMoaK
yet another guy who spends too much time on IT stuff

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# Who is this guy ?

Ok let's be honest, you could probably find every bit of information you need by googling my name. You know how hard it is to get off the grid nowadays especially when you have an account on nearly every major website ... But since you are here, let's make a quick introduction that is probably more accurate and up-to-date than anywhere else. In a nutshell, I'm Maël Kervella and I often go by the name of MoaMoaK and I'm often playing with IT/dev/network/syadmin/electronics/weird stuff and experiments.

I discovered this nerdy world around the age of 10 with some "slightly-enhanced hello worlds" that I thought were the most elaborate things. Fortunately, I have now learnt a bit more and discovered how little my knowledge was since I'm finishing off my cybersecurity engineering master at CentraleSupélec (Rennes). My experience with IT-related topics comes from various opportunities I had the past few years. I've worked 6 month for the well-known mediaplayer VLC and another 6 months at Dolby Laboratories on an internal python-based CMS. I'm now working for a smaller company, Amossys, certifying and auditing the cybersecurity in many products.

I'm a also a proud alumni of Supélec Rézo Rennes. This is a non-profit organization in charge of the network at my school's dormitories (around 200 users). I was the president for a year and I'm still committed to give some help. Moreover, I'm now an administrator of Federez's network where I spent some of my free time to provide help and resources for similar associations in French universities. Managing such network and servers taught me so much about how computers and networks works, that I could not not mention it.

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# What am I doing during my spare time ?

  • 2012 - Obstacle-detecting laser system for a driverless car : I studied how lasers can be used to detect if the vehicule has encountered an obstacle, leading to the conception of an electronic system telling if an obstacle was too close.
  • 2013 - Door openning system controlled by a smartphone : The project was aiming at creating a model of a system that disabled people could use to easily open doors. It included remote control through a smartphone's app and the Bluetooth technology to activate a motorized electronic system and control the openning and closing of the door. This project also gave me the opportunity to participate in a competition and see other promising ideas from different teams.
  • 2013 to 2015 - Lyricraft : A project a friend of mine started and which was about creating a MMORPG using the game Minecraft. As one of the first person involved in the project, I took many responsabilities and got involved in server administration, software development with a 10+ members team and forum moderation. It was a very teaching and fun project.
  • 2014 & 2015 - Algorithm for constrained timetable optimization : The goal was to plan a number of tasks involving actors and objects while taking into account the disponibilities and preferences of those. At the end, we had implemented multiple Python algorithms that could be fed with some initial parameters (like the requested task, the available time for each actor, ...) in order to get a timetable that is optimized according to thoses parameters.
  • 2016 - Magnetic suspension lamp : With a friend, we studied how to realize a levitating lamp thanks to magnetic force and power it through induction. The project was mainly focusing on the magnetic part to create a model that would make a magnet levitate using an electromagnet and sensors. That project involved electronics and physics theory to find the right components to use.
  • 2016 & 2017 - Network administration : In my school, the dormitories' network is managed by an organization called Supélec Rézo Rennes. I was the president of this organization during a year and took in charge the management and development of the network quality and services provided. During this year, I redid most of the basic network services (DHCP, DNS, LDAP), added a Radius-based authentication and support for the Wi-Fi. Some details about the biggest project are given bvelow. I still spend some time to help the new team in charge and provide them some advice.
  • 2017 - FedeRez Day's organisation : FedeRez is an association gathering many students groups in France on the topic of networks and programming. Twice a year, FedeRez's members gather for a week-end of tech activities, meeting and conferences. I held one of these meetings at Rennes in my university.
  • 2017 - Kerrucent, electric consumption monitoring system : In order to monitor the consumption of multiple domestic electric devices, with a 3-member team, I realized a system able to mesure voltage and intensity from a wall plug and sending thoses informations to a server that would display graphs and statistics about the consumption. The electronic part (measuring the consumption) was done using an Arduino board while the server part had a Python (Flask framework) back-end and data and graphs were managed using RRDTool.
  • 2017 - Re2o, administration system for a campus network : A project whose purpose is to provide a whole network ecosystem to simplify administration of student networks through a web interface. This project is meant to be a full solution to tell if someone should still be able to access the network (using Radius), automatically generates DHCP and DNS files according to the recorded MAC addresses and provide LDAP authentication for every user. When I initially started using it in production for Supélec Rézo Rennes, the project was still messy but growing. I got into development on mid-2017. The project is mainly written in Python (Django framework), but also involves HTML, SQL and some network services. Since it started, the project has gained many requested features like IPV6 support, mailing lists generation, campus' associations management, ... Today, the project is still being developed by many contributors and is the administration solution used by 4 schools' domitories in France.

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# What kind of weird technos am I using ?

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